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Serving the Greater Toronto Area:  AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Operators are trained, licensed, and insured to handle all your pest and nuisance wildlife problems.

raccoon removal experts Toronto
raccoon removal experts Toronto

Don’t put off having wild animals like squirrels & raccoons removed from your attic. These animals are cute but you’ll regret acting fast if water damage, electrical or structural damage occurs.


Wildlife Control In Toronto Thats Affordable

At AAA Affordable Wildlife Control we specialize in removing raccoons from Toronto properties humanely and efficiently. Under Canadian Law, wildlife management companies are required to use humane methods to remove any protected animals like raccoons, skunks and squirrels, and our staff rigorously follow legal guidelines. Wherever you are in Toronto, our expert wildlife control operators will be able to solve your raccoon or squirrel infestation issues without causing distress to the critters.

We offer a flexible wildlife control service that can respond to any infestation situation. If raccoons have nested in your attic or under the floorboards of your patio, our staff can install the right prevention material in just the right spots to exclude any animals from your property.

RACCOON REMOVAL TORONTO - AAA Affordable Wildlife Control
RACCOON REMOVAL TORONTO – AAA Affordable Wildlife Control

Using our experience, we can ensure that your home is protected against future wildlife infestations as well, providing lasting peace of mind to Toronto residents.

Why should Toronto homeowners choose a professional raccoon or squirrel removal service? Wildlife such as squirrels & raccoons can cause serious property damage, both to the interior of your home and the external structure. They can rip through roof shingles and gnaw at wires, vents and gutters. Then there is the smell and health risk posed by raccoon droppings and squirrel urine, as well as the slight risk of contracting diseases like rabies or raccoon roundworm.

The Tools We Use For Humane Wildlife Removal In Toronto

At AAA Affordable Wildlife Control, we have a wide choice of tools at our disposal, allowing us to find exactly the right solution for every infestation.

One of our specialities is seasonal raccoon removal. We know the ins and outs of the raccoon breeding and nesting cycle, and we will make sure that all of the raccoons in your attic or under your deck are removed without separating babies from their mother. Separation of kits and mothers can result in the mother creating a lot more damage trying to retrieve her babies, or even worse, having the babies starve to death because she could not get back into the den site, and we do everything we can to avoid this. Between March and July, we will find a way to remove the entire raccoon family, and we will relocate them to the exterior of your home – as Canadian law requires.

Wildlife Control Toronto
Wildlife Control Experts

Raccoons are seasonal creatures, and we know where they are likely to shelter when the winter cold arrives. We can track your raccoon infestation until we are sure that kits and their mother are leaving their nest in a group at night. Then we can secure the property and make sure that all of the raccoons are excluded. We know that a trapped raccoon can cause much more damage, as well as stress for the property owner and the animal itself.

Our wildlife removal technicians come equipped with the safety tools that they need for raccoon removal in Toronto – including animal handling gloves. If raccoons have become trapped, we can handle them safely and remove them from your home.

We also use a number of different traps that are fitted with one-way doors. These traps are attached to the entry and exit points to your property that raccoons have been using. When animals leave, spring-loaded doors shut immediately behind them, making re-entry impossible.

Book A Home Survey To Achieve Raccoon Removal In Markham

Affordable Wildlife Control believe that every property is different, and every raccoon infestation requires a different approach. That’s why we offer full home surveys for all clients.

Just trapping and removing raccoons and other wildlife is a short term solution to animal control problems. Our home surveys can advise property owners about how to secure any entry points that raccoons have been using.  Our animal experts can also educate residents about how to change their behaviour to minimize the risk of future infestations.

We recommend booking a home inspection, instead of relying on roofers or carpenters to repair raccoon damage. Before carrying out any work on roof shingles, eaves, gutters or masonry, our staff identify weak points and ensure that homes are protected in the future.

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control also offer specialist equipment to exclude wildlife from your home. Animal-proof screens are an effective way to deny raccoons access without causing them harm. We use rust-proof mesh at strategic points like air vents and eaves to strengthen your home’s protection.


Technical solutions are no use without behavioural change. We cannot force Toronto residents to act in a way that minimizes the danger of raccoon infestation, but we can provide easy to follow advice. For example, we can advise about how to deny raccoons & squirrels access to food sources by properly securing waste bins and placing metal mesh over compost heaps.

The trees and bushes of your garden could also be a crucial access route for squirrels & raccoons, who are skilled climbers. We will carry out a full analysis of where trees provide potential access routes, and trim them appropriately upon request.

Identifying A Wildlife Infestation And Solving It Humanely

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control believe firmly in humane animal control. Trapping and dumping raccoons far away from their nest causes huge distress to the animals and may simply relocate infestation issues and possibly diseases like rabies to other areas. Instead, we focus on designing passive prevention systems that work with the instincts of animals, so that they effectively exclude themselves from properties.

Wildlife Control Toronto, Animal Removal Toronto – AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Inc

This means that we can solve infestation issues efficiently. We deliver long-term solutions, not quick fixes – without costing the earth in the process.

The first step in achieving Wildlife Removal in Markham is identifying an infestation. All residents should be observant, particularly during the early winter when raccoons, Squirrels & Skunks are preparing to nest. If you spot a raccoon on or near your property, this is a sign that an infestation is likely. At this point, it makes sense to arrange a property inspection for a fee so that you can be sure that there are no problems and also get an estimate for full home wildlife prevention.

Most people who experience an infestation usually observe the property damage caused by the raccoons or other wildlife. If you lose any roof shingles, or gutters become detached, these could be signs of raccoons or squirrels on your property. Has any insulation been torn out, and do you find food waste scraps on the ground of your yard or driveway?

Even the smallest disruption in your home or garden could be evidence of wildlife like raccoons on your property, but there are more concrete ways to diagnose the problem. Whenever you hear a “cooing” noise coming from the attic or cavity walls, this is likely to be baby raccoons nesting in the structure of your home. The same applies to noises on the roof at night.

Whenever you detect the signs of wild animal infestation in Toronto, our trained professionals can be at your door in no time. We will undertake a full survey of your home and draw up a plan for Wildlife Removal in Toronto that will guarantee a humane, long-lasting solution.

Raccoon Removal Toronto

Although it is easy to stop raccoons from entering your home, it is not easy to evict it from your roof, wall, or porch. There are provincial laws that guard wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, and skunks from harm.

We therefore recommend that you hire a professional wildlife control technician who follows all regulations to permanently remove the wildlife pests. Laws prohibit you from killing raccoons and other wildlife, or taking them more than a kilometre away from where they are trapped.

Wildlife in Toronto – Raccoons and Their Removal 

As raccoons have adapted to the presence of humans in their environment, they have become increasingly willing to move into Toronto attics and yards without fear. Their populations have grown over the years as they enjoy a life filled with easily accessible food and plenty of space to roam. Although it can be entertaining to watch a family of racoons frolicking in the yard, it can be downright upsetting when they live inside of your attic or continually upset your garbage cans.


When Do Raccoons Breed and Why Is This Important When Hiring a Wildlife Control Company ?

In Toronto, raccoons breed during the months ranging from January to May. Therefore, these are the months when this animal is actively looking for a way to break into your attic. Female raccoons prefer to live in a warm, quiet, uninhabited space that allows them to raise their young without fear of predators.

wildlife control, Raccoon Removal Baby Raccoons
Raccoon Removal Baby Raccoons

They want to protect their young. They are intelligent animals that will rip open the soffit or find the weakest portion of the roof in order to tear their way into your attic. If the attic is inaccessible to the females, they will look for an area beneath a porch, deck, or shed. Raccoons have also been known to crawl into uncapped chimneys in search of a nesting area.

Litters generally average three to five babies, known as kits. Some litters are as large as seven young. The gestation period is approximately two months, which means that all kits are born between the months of March and June. Generally, the young live with the mother until the next spring, when they strike out on their own, making room for a new litter.

  • Squirrel Removal Toronto
Attics occasionally serve as an alternative home for squirrels. Squirrels are known to chew through shingles in order to gain access to the attic and wall spaces.
Our staff are skilled at gaining access to the den and of course, at removing the baby squirrel(s). Cute but Destructive – Tips for Keeping Urban Squirrels Out of Your Home

Wildlife in Toronto – Squirrels and Their Removal

While forested area is the natural habitat of squirrels, this animal has adapted well to urban and rural environments as the human population continues to increase, infringing on previously wooded environments. In the wild, squirrels might only live a few years due to the presence of predators, which include foxes, raccoons, hawks, skunks, weasels, and snakes. However, in the city, squirrels can live as long as two decades, which means that they will be around longer than you might like.

wildlife control, Squirrel Baby Removal Toronto
Squirrel Baby Removal Toronto

What Do Squirrels Eat?

A squirrel’s diet consists primarily of nuts, seeds, berries, eggs, and insects. However, if these foods are not abundant, squirrels will eat the foods that people eat. Bird feeders are open invitations to squirrels since they provide easy access to one of a squirrel’s favourite foods – seeds. Discontinuing the use of any bird feeders on your property should help to discourage squirrels from populating your yard.

Getting Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders – Is There Such A Thing?

Squirrels bury nuts in the ground during the warmer months of the year so that they will have something to eat during the winter. If they have set up a nesting area inside of your attic, they will store one or more pounds of nuts in the attic for use during the winter months.

When Do Squirrels Breed, Why Is This Important ?

Squirrels typically breed twice a year – during the latter part of the winter to the early months of the spring and from the middle part of the summer to the early portion of the fall. This is good to know when hiring an wildlife control company.  Each litter includes an average of two to five babies. Once the babies are born, the mothers become extremely protective, defending the nesting area by attack if deemed necessary. Their teeth are very sharp and can inflict quite a bit of damage.

Although squirrels are quite content to nest in the upper branches of mature trees, they have been known to enter attics in search of a nesting place to safely have their young. They are known to burrow beneath homes, porches, decks, sheds, and other buildings in order to find a safe place to nest. If no other suitable place is available, they will burrow beneath wood piles or climb into attics and chimneys to find a quiet spot to set up home.

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