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Are Grey Squirrels the Same As Black Squirrels?

Toronto’s Grey Squirrels

A variety of wildlife can be seen roaming backyards in Toronto, including Eastern Grey Squirrels (also can be black in colour ). People are often attracted to the playful antics of the squirrels, which can be seen frolicking on lawns and chasing each other in the trees. These rodents are comfortable living in urban and rural areas, and they exhibit little to no fear at seeing humans. It is best to avoid contact with these animals because they have sharp teeth and won’t hesitate to bite if they feel threatened.

The squirrels living in Toronto are members of the Eastern Grey Squirrel species, which includes both black and grey squirrels. The behaviour of black and grey squirrels is similar, because they are alike in most ways, except for the colour of their fur ( black being the dominantcolour in Ontario & Quebec ).

grey squirrels removal toronto
grey squirrel removal toronto

The fur of a black squirrel is black, whereas the grey squirrels have grey fur, despite the fact that they are both included in the Eastern Grey Squirrel species. The fur of black squirrels has more melanin in it than that of grey squirrels. Melanin is a pigment that occurs naturally in animals. As a result, their fur is black rather than grey. Their colouring never changes throughout their entire lives.

According to some research findings, black squirrels are able to withstand the cold weather better than wildlife with lighter colours of fur. Their fur draws in and retains heat more successfully than the fur of lighter-coloured squirrels. This is the reason why you’ll see more black squirrels than grey ones in Canada.

Since these animals do not hibernate and they are equipped to put up with the cold weather, you can see them throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, grey squirrels can damage your home and property, particularly when they need to make a nest for their young.  If you want to discourage them from choosing your property as their home, it is best to clean up possible food sources, such as nuts and berries, before the squirrels find them.

Grey squirrels are abundant in the City of Toronto. While they typically keep to themselves, these animals might find their way into your home when it is time for their litters. If this happens, you should call wildlife control specialists who have the knowledge to safely remove these animals from your home.

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