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Affordable Bird Nest Removal Toronto – Humane Removal of Baby Birds

Affordable Bird Nest Removal Toronto

  • Birds such as Black Starlings are creatures of habit and will return to the same spot to nest and have babies. Open wall vents & exhausts left unscreened are an open invitation for small bird to move in. Most homeowners won’t  let this go on for to long though due to the obvious mess & noise created by these nuisance birds and their nesting habits.
  • There’s a lot of back and forth when the birds are initially building the nest, and if you’re lucky you’ll be dealing with the problem at this stage when the removal is still fairly easy. If you waited too long in the nesting season and baby birds are present, the removal process could range from days to weeks.  Once the babies are hatched, you will still see a lot of back and forth action, only more noise is added from the babies competing for the best spot in line to be fed by momma.
  • This could go on for weeks resulting in a build up of bird droppings around and leading up to the point of entry to the nest, also the nest itself will be full of bird mites that could start falling into the living space of the house through the fan and opening into the kitchen or bathroom.

Bird Nest Removal Toronto – Humane removal of baby birds for an affordable price.

Affordable Bird Nest Removal Toronto – Bird in wall vent removal + prevention screening. Bird Control Toronto – Humane Baby Bird Removal


Bird Nest Removal
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Bird Nest Removal Toronto - Humane removal of baby birds for an affordable price. Hands on removal of Black Starling baby birds. We transfer the nest into a small box and seal up the entry hole after removing all the birds. The mother can then raise the babies in the same area, just not in your roof. We return and remove the box after the babies are ready to fly. Call AA Affordable Wildlife Control for humane bird removal.

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