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Why Are Skunks & Raccoons in Mississauga Digging Up My Lawn? Wildlife Removal Mississauga – Wildlife in Mississauga such as skunks and raccoons, in particular, enjoy feasting on the white grub larvae, plump treats for hungry wildlife. These nuisance animals might decide to live in your yard so that they are close to their food supply. In Mississauga, most homeowners have a big yard with … Continue reading City Of Mississauga Raccoon Removal

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Skunk Removal Toronto

Skunk Removal Toronto – City of Toronto Skunk Removal Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto: Skunks can be distinctly recognized for their black and white collars. A skunk’s presence should be a sign of warning of potential attack.   Skunks are able to spray a powerful scent up to 15 feet using glands located below their tail. This spray is harmful as it burns the eyes, causing temporary … Continue reading Skunk Removal Toronto