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Skunk Removal Toronto – City of Toronto Skunk Removal

Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto: Skunks can be distinctly recognized for their black and white collars. A skunk’s presence should be a sign of warning of potential attack.


Skunks are able to spray a powerful scent up to 15 feet using glands located below their tail. This spray is harmful as it burns the eyes, causing temporary blindness. Prevent such attacks by calling our skunk removal technicians. Stop the Stink: Removing the Skunk Smell from Your Dog


Tips on Getting Skunks Out of Your Yard Safely

Skunks often invade residential areas in search of food or for a nesting place to raise their litter. While these creatures don’t pose much of a threat unless you startle them into spraying or biting you, it is a good idea to avoid letting them stay. Getting skunks out of your yard safely is simple if you bring in a wildlife removal company to help you with this task.

Identifying Skunks

About the same size as cats, skunks are black in colouring and typically have white stripes or spots on their tails, making them easy to identify. Skunks are active throughout the year, although they will lie dormant during periods of excessive cold.

Dangers Associated with Skunk Removal

If they perceive danger, skunks release a spray from ducts situated beneath their tails. While this spray is foul-smelling, it isn’t harmful unless it gets into the eyes. Unfortunately, skunks can be carriers of rabies, so you’ll need to use precaution whenever these animals enter your yard.


Skunk Nesting Habits

Skunks usually breed during the late winter, having their litter of four to seven babies in the spring. It’s important not to capture the mother during baby season. It’s recommended to have prevention screening installed to block skunks from nesting areas rather than trapping and relocating.



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Where to Look for Skunks in Your Yard

Skunks are lazy creatures, so they like to move into existing burrows that have been abandoned. They prefer secluded areas, such as the space found beneath patios, porches, and decks. If there are no burrows in your yard, skunks might choose to nest inside an unused shed, wood pile, or compost pile.

Hire a Professional for Affordable Skunk Removal

Most cities have local ordinances in place that provide guidelines for wildlife control. The safest way to rid your property of skunks is to hire professionals specializing in skunk removal. They most often use live cage traps to capture the animals safely and then relocate them.

Preventing Skunks from Coming Back

Preventing skunks from returning to your yard isn’t always easy. However, a few strategies can help you to accomplish this task. Just follow these tips:


. Keep garbage in an enclosed container
. Pick up fallen fruit and/or nuts from trees
. Fence in vegetable and fruit gardens
. Fill in existing burrows in your yard
. Enclose open spaces underneath steps, patios, porches, and decks

Once you have a skunk that has taken up residence at your home, it’s often too late to discourage her from leaving. She is probably looking for a place to have her litter, so she won’t be in a hurry to leave.

Your best course of action would be to call a skunk removal company. Not only do these professionals have the expertise needed to remove the wildlife safely, but they also know how to keep them out of unwanted areas.

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Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto - Skunks are able to spray a powerful scent up to 15 feet using glands located below their tail. This spray smells awful and it burns the eyes, possibly causing temporary blindness. Prevent such attacks by calling our skunk removal technicians.

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