Dead Raccoon Removal in Toronto

Dead raccoon removal calls are common enough in our line of work, but in the lest four days I have remove four dead raccoons, all from the same neighborhood. Midtown Toronto has its fair share of raccoons, just like every Toronto neighborhood. When I came across the forth dead raccoon in as many days, I couldn’t help but think, someone out there is poisoning the masked bandits. Poisoning raccoons is stupid! I think some homeowners refuse to hire an animal removal company, thinking its a waste of money. When the free tips and tricks they find on the internet don’t work, and the raccoons seem to be out smarting them what do they do? Calling an animal removal company would be the right move, but poisoning unfortunately is the path too many people choose. There are humane ways to deal with raccoons. We offer affordable wildlife control so homeowners have an alternative to expensive raccoon removal.

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