Encouraging Raccoons to Leave – Control & Removal Service in Toronto.

Encouraging Raccoons to Leave

At first, you can attempt to get the raccoons to leave on their own. However, once the litter has arrived, you won’t find this an easy task. You can use lighting to discourage them from staying, eliminate as many sources of food as possible, and frequent the area while making a lot of noise. If the babies are already there, you probably won’t have much success in your attempts to send them on their way.

The most successful way to remove raccoons from your home is to contact a wildlife control service with experience. Since raccoons are nocturnal animals that remain dormant during the day, coming out only at night, it might be difficult for you to pinpoint exactly where they are living. The qualified
technicians of a wildlife control service have experience in finding nesting areas as well as in removal of this annoying pest. If you suspect unwanted visitors have moved in, call today and send have the raccoons removed.

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