Baby Season for Raccoons & Squirrels

When Do Raccoons, Squirrels & Skunks Have Babies?

Raccoons, squirrels, skunks and other wildlife go through the mating rituals the same time each year and many of our customers report extra activity day and night in their attics when it’s baby season. Wildlife in cities are constantly on the hunt for a warm spot to give birth & raise their babies.

Squirrels and raccoons can easily get into most attics. If you have animals in your roof right now, you can expect the problem to get worse if you don’t act fast. The pitter patter of squirrels or that clunking and banging around sound made by raccoons may have been tolerable up until now, but four or five baby raccoons screaming & crying their heads off while momma raccoon is out digging through your garbage might just be enough to for you to hire affordable wildlife control.


 List Of When Raccoons, Squirrels & Skunks Have Babies

  1. Mating Season – January to May is when raccoons nest & mate in attics, chimneys, under house additions and in garages. Squirrels have babies twice a year mating mid summer and late winter. Skunks mating season is early spring and can get quite smelly if the female being courted is not in a loving mood.
  2. Give Birth – It takes about 8 weeks for raccoons & 5 1/2 weeks for squirrels to give birth to a litter of babies. Skunks give birth about 60 or more days after mating
  3. Raise Babies – Raccoons, squirrels & skunk babies will be guarded closely in the den by their mother for ten weeks or so before venturing out to learn how to survive.

Raccoon Squirrel Skunk Baby Season

Often people think getting a new roof is the answer to solving a wildlife problem, it really does not work that way, even a brand new roof needs animal proof screens installed around vents, roof intersections and other weak spots not designed to keep out the wildlife. We can’t stress enough the importance of hiring a professional wildlife removal company when babies are involved. AAA Affordable Wildlife Control can humanly deal with the babies, we have a very high success rate of reuniting mother & babies,  every effort is made to keep the squirrel & raccoon babies warm in a temporary “reunion box”, giving the stressed out mothers a chance to regroup and find an alternate den.


Identifying Raccoon & Squirrel Baby Season And Solving It Affordably & Humanely

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control believe firmly in humane baby removal. Trapping and dumping raccoons and skunks far away from their nest without their babies causes huge distress to the animals and is illegal, and possibly spreads diseases like rabies to other areas. Instead, we focus on designing passive prevention systems that work with the instincts of animals, so that they effectively exclude themselves from properties. This means that we can solve infestation issues efficiently. We deliver long-term solutions, not quick fixes – without costing the earth in the process.

The first step in achieving humane wildlife removal is identifying if babies are involved. All residents should be observant, particularly during the early winter when raccoons, Squirrels & Skunks are preparing to nest. If you spot a raccoon on or near your property, this is a sign that an infestation is likely. At this point, it makes sense to arrange a property inspection for a fee so that you can be sure that there are no problems and also get an estimate for full home wildlife prevention.

Most people who experience an infestation usually observe the property damage caused by the raccoons or other wildlife. If you lose any roof shingles, or gutters become detached, these could be signs of raccoons or squirrels on your property. Has any insulation been torn out, and do you find food waste scraps on the ground of your yard or driveway?

Even the smallest disruption in your home or garden could be evidence of wildlife like raccoons on your property, but there are more concrete ways to diagnose the problem. Whenever you hear a “cooing” noise coming from the attic or cavity walls, this is likely to be baby raccoons nesting in the structure of your home. The same applies to noises on the roof at night.

Whenever you detect the signs of wild animal infestation in Toronto, our trained professionals can be at your door in no time. We will undertake a full survey of your home and draw up a plan for Wildlife Removal in Toronto that will guarantee a humane, long-lasting solution.



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