Do Raccoons Carry Rabies? The re-emergence of rabies in Toronto

Do Raccoons Carry Rabies? YES! 

cp24 raccoon rabies
cp24 raccoon rabies
Twelfth raccoon rabies case

Case # 12 in the raccoon rabies crises reported by Toronto’s CP24 JAN 07/07/16




  • Raccoon Removal TorontoWhile all mammals are capable of carrying the rabies virus, raccoons found in the city of Toronto do not appear to be major carriers. Nonetheless, the danger does exist, so it is important to protect yourself and your pets against this disease. Make sure that all of your pets are vaccinated against rabies. The law requires you to do so anyway, so you might as well. If you notice any animals that are displaying abnormal behavior, stay away from them and report it to the authorities.

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One thought on “Do Raccoons Carry Rabies? The re-emergence of rabies in Toronto

  1. Wow. ,,, I recently witnessed a very strange acting raccoon out during the day,,, looked really disoriented . I wonder if it had rabies . Now I have to constantly watch my two dogs while they romp in the back yard .

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