Fall Is When Squirrels & Raccoons Look For A Warm Attic For The Winter

WILDLIFE CONTROL – Get Squirrels & Raccoons Removed Before Winter Sets In.

We love October in Toronto for a lot of reasons. Call AAA Affordable Wildlife Control and get the animal removal process started.

Fall is a great time to do the animal removal, we don’t have to stress about baby raccoons delaying the removal process for customers, squirrel babies are easy to handle and homeowners are eager to have us install as much prevention screening as necessary to keep out the nuisance squirrels & raccoons of the winter. All types of wildlife will be on the hunt for a warm place to nest and get out of the elements as the temperature begins to drop, but it doesn’t have to be your attic they call home. When the raccoons & squirrels come around your attic and garbage bins this Halloween season, remembers there are ways to stop them in their tracks. Of course we always recommend prevention, prevention, prevention to keep wildlife out!


  1.  A new generation of raccoons & squirrels born over the past six months will need a den site to have their own babies this spring, the longer you let nuisance wildlife remain inside your property the more determined they might be to stay.
  2. Easy roof access helps a great deal in the animal removal process. Don’t wait for a mountain of snow & ice to build up on your roof before you call a wildlife control company, some of the other holes or problem areas on the roof might be buried which would only delay the raccoon & squirrel removal process  & cause more problems like leaks when the snow melts.
  3. October is as good a month as any! If you’re an animal lover and don’t want to leave momma squirrel and her family homeless right before winter or you don’t really mind a little pitter patter in the roof you should consider the structural damage & potential fire hazard these rodents create from chewing wood, aluminum & electrical wires.

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