Squirrel Baby Removal

Squirrel Babies – Should you give squirrels the boot, even if there are babies?

SQUIRREL REMOVAL TORONTO – Are there baby squirrels in your attic?

It can be a tricky time of year for dealing with squirrel removals from  attics if your not experienced. It’s the first baby season of the year and little squirrels are starting to become mobile and venturing away from the nest inside and outside of the roof. If your lucky all the squirrel babies will be big and strong enough to climb and use the one-way door that’s installed at the point of entry into the attic, which would make for a simple removal process.


Worst case scenario for a customer is when they have to live with the squirrel family in the roof until the babies are eight weeks old, this happens when the squirrels are in an area with no access. This squirrel was the brave one that came out first after the mother was locked out for  two days, it took some convincing (mother squirrel being very vocal calling the babies to come out) but the other two babies were soon o follow. That’s another job complete and another happy customer.

The first mating season is January to February, the second in June and July. With a gestation period lasting 44 days and knowing the babies need 8 weeks to become mobile the potential for squirrel babies on a job is high. It’s important to find a wildlife company willing to inspect attics and that also available to rush back to to a recently started job to deal with any baby squirrels that may be separated from the mother.

Do Squirrels Carry Rabies

Typically, squirrels do not carry the rabies virus.Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about getting this disease from a squirrel bite.
However, the wound can become infected, so you should seek the services of a physician should you get bitten. The best way to avoid getting bitten is to stay away from the nesting area and young squirrels. Older animals are less likely to be inquisitive enough to allow you to get close enough to touch them, whereas young ones are curious and friendly. Mother squirrels are almost always nearby and do attack if you get too close to their offspring.

Encouraging Squirrels to Leave

If squirrels have entered your home or the area beneath it, they can make quite a mess. Their teeth grow continually, so they are always looking for something to chew to help wear them down and prevent them from injuring their bodies. As a result, the structure of your home is at risk of being damaged by this behavior.In all honesty, the best way to rid your home or business of squirrels is to discourage their presence. First, you should eliminate any food sources that are available. Discontinue using birdfeeders, if you have any. Consider removing berry pushes and nut trees if the squirrel problem is serious. Trim all tree branches that are close to your roof to make it more difficult for squirrels to break into your attic. Secure open vents with sturdy mesh cloth and replace loose shingles on the roof.Once squirrels have moved into your home, you are probably better off bringing in a wildlife control service than trying to remove them on your own. Companies familiar with wildlife control can remove wild animals in a safe and professional manner. Once the animals are removed, the service can seal off entry points and advise you of any other measures that should be taken. Try and keep in mind that squirrels can become aggressive when they feel trapped, so leave the job of removal to wildlife control professionals in the Toronto area.


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One thought on “Squirrel Babies – Should you give squirrels the boot, even if there are babies?

  1. The mama squirrel will do what she can in order for her kids to follow her. In your experience of having the mother locked out from her entryway, after a certain amount of calling, her children followed her out.

    Best case scenario would be to removing them so you don’t have to worry 8 weeks of who knows what may be going on.

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