squirrel control in chimney

Squirrel Control – What Can You Do If a Squirrel Gets Trapped in Your Chimney?

What Can You Do If a Squirrel Gets Trapped in Your Chimney?


Squirrel Control – Squirrels are almost as comfortable living in the city as they are living in the wild. The truth is that they actually live longer in urban areas than they do in the wild. They’ve adapted quite well, which is bad news for humans.


Today’s squirrels have no problem finding a nesting place in attics, basements, garages, and storage sheds. Since they breed twice a year, you might notice them entering your home in the early spring as well as in the early fall. Occasionally, a squirrel makes a wrong turn and finds itself trapped in a chimney. Here’s a look at what you should do if you discover a squirrel got into your chimney and can’t get out.

How Does a Squirrel Find Its Way into a Chimney?

If your chimney isn’t screened, it offers a tempting opening for a squirrel on the prowl for a place to call home.

squirrel control in chimney
squirrel control in chimney

Likewise, chimneys in a state of disrepair often provide just enough space for squirrels to climb in and sometimes get trapped. Obviously, the best strategy is to prevent squirrels from gaining access to the chimney by capping it or repairing open gaps. Once they are inside of it, you’ll need to find a way to help them get out.

Trapped in a Chimney above the Damper

The solution is easy when a squirrel becomes trapped in a chimney above the damper. Find a strong rope that you can use and attach one end securely to the outside of the chimney while tossing the other end into the chimney. The squirrel will climb up the rope to escape.

Calling a squirrel removal company is a safer way to deal with the problem, squirrel control chimney they will have ladders to access roof & screen the chimney, nets & grabbers to extract the squirrel from inside, and they can inspect for potential problem areas and screen them for prevention.

Trapped in a Chimney inside the Damper

When a squirrel becomes trapped in a chimney inside the damper, the task ahead of you is more involved than simply hanging a rope for it to climb. The first step you need to take is to close the fireplace door, if you have one, or block the opening with a fireplace screen or large piece of wood or steel.

squirrel control in chimney
squirrel control in chimney

Now, you need to open the damper so that the squirrel can find its way into the fireplace or stove. As soon as you hear the squirrel inside of the stove or fireplace, you need to close the damper to keep the squirrel from going back inside of it.

In order to get the squirrel to leave your home without creating too much damage, you’ll need to prepare your home carefully. The first step is to remove all breakables in the immediate vicinity of the chimney. If possible, close off all other rooms of the home to restrict the squirrel’s access to them. If necessary, find a way to hang up a blanket in open doorways to close off other areas of the home.

Open all windows in the room, removing screens and opening blinds or curtains fully. Open the door to the outside as well if one exists in that room. Turn off all of the lights in the home to encourage the squirrel to head to the outside. Ideally, the squirrel will feel the air flowing into the room from the windows or door and head that way.

It’s important to protect yourself in case the squirrel attacks you when you open up the fireplace or stove. Put on a thick jacket and a pair of sturdy gloves. Open the stove door or barricade that you created slowly and step back away from the opening. Ideally, the squirrel will find its way outside. If it becomes too disoriented to do so on its own, throw a blanket over it, pick it up carefully, and carry it outside quickly.

Precautions to Take

It’s important to realize that even though you have protective clothing on, a squirrel has sharp teeth and can bite through gloves, coats, and hats. Don’t attempt to grab the squirrel and stay as far away from it as possible. If you must capture the squirrel in order to get it out of your home, be sure to use a thick blanket rather than a thin one. Hiring a wildlife removal company is a good option if you want an experienced professional to assist you.

What Should You Do If a Squirrel Gets Trapped in Your Chimney?

If a squirrel gets trapped in your chimney, you’ll want to get it out as quickly as possible. If the squirrel is situated above the damper, you can hang a rope down the chimney for the squirrel to climb up so it can get out. If the squirrel is inside of the damper, open it up so that the squirrel can find its way into the fireplace or stove. Make sure that you block off the fireplace or close the stove door so that the squirrel cannot go back into the chimney.

Prep the room by removing breakable items, blocking off other areas of the home, and opening the windows. Protect yourself by wearing heavy-duty gloves and a coat, turn off the lights, and give the squirrel access to the room. It should find its way outside easily enough.

Reviews Wildlife Control Toronto Reviews
Reviews Wildlife Control Toronto Reviews

If it doesn’t, throw a blanket over it and carry it outside. If this strategy doesn’t appeal to you, call a wildlife removal company while the squirrel is still inside of the chimney.

It’s much easier to call a squirrel control company then risk wasting time with DIY tip & tricks that might not even work. You’ll get a guarantee with  your squirrel control professional to get the squirrel out plus your chimney will be capped as part of the process.

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