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Squirrel & Raccoon Removal Scarborough are services we’re schedule for every week because Scarborough has it’s fair share of nuisance wildlife. If it’s not a raccoon in a chimney, it’s a squirrel in the attic. No matter what the nuisance animal problem is, AAA Affordable Wildlife Control can solve it for a better price then our competitors. Without the use of high pressure sales tactics we inform & encourage our customers to spend a bit more on animal prevention and proofing of their Scarborough area homes.

The theory behind wildlife proofing is simple. The idea is to incorporate ways to keep raccoons & squirrels out of your home in the first place. It involves two basic strategies – identifying openings and weak spots and then  sealing them off. Of course, if the nuisance wildlife have already moved in, you might need to adjust your timeline or include a few additional strategies. Here’s a look at what you need to know before you begin.

Ideal Time to Wildlife Proof Your Scarborough Home

The best time to begin your wildlife-proofing efforts is before raccoons & squirrels start looking for a nesting place. Ideally, you should tackle this task when the weather permits sometime between the beginning of September and the end of January.

Once February arrives, wildlife like squirrels and raccoons are mating or pregnant and they’ll be searching for sheltered areas to call home, and they’ll stay in this spot until they are evicted.

Identifying Wildlife Entrances

Since squirrels are small and can squeeze through any opening that offers a minimum of a 2 inches, it often takes a trained eye to find all of the nooks and crannies bats are using to get into your home. Look for openings in your home’s structure in the following places:
. Loose or lack of screening in your attic vents
. Warped or loose flashing
. Broken pieces of siding soffit or flashing
. Joints between top of the roof and the wall of the attic
If you’ve already had an wildlife infestation in the past or you are currently experiencing one, you can look for broken shingles or insulation along the edges of the roof, flashing, siding, and attic vent. If they are present, the raccoons or squirrels could be getting in at that particular spot.

Squirrel Removal Scarborough | Raccoon Removal Scarborough
Squirrel & Raccoon Removal Scarborough

If you cannot identify the weakened areas of the home’s structure where wildlife are entering, you can watch for them once the sun goes down. You should see raccoons exiting from the openings they are using. Alternatively, you can get up early in the morning and watch for squirrels. Since squirrels like to forage for food early after sunrise, you should see them exit their entry point.

Sealing Openings

You can use several methods to close up the openings in the attic, but none are better then hiring an Affordable Wildlife Control Service. First and foremost, it’s safer the hire a pro to do it for you, you’ll also get a guarantee the work is actually installed correctly.

Get More Affordable Raccoon Removal Tips

For the attic vent, you simply install a sturdy piece of screen that completely covers any openings between slats. If you found any small cracks, you can use more screen to seal up the holes. You can also use expanding foam to fill in larger cracks, this would only work for prevention and is no good for actual entry holes. Squirrels can easily chew through foam.

Special Circumstances

Although your goal is to properly seal any openings that you discover, it is important NOT to do so during the nesting phase & baby season. Baby raccoons & squirrels do not leave the nest while they are young. If you seal the attic off while the babies are inside of it, the mother raccoon or squirrel will cause a lot of damage trying to get out or back int to protect her babies


or even worse they will all die and stink up yo

Wildlife Control -PEST CONTROL TIPS
Wildlife Control -PEST CONTROL TIPS

ur home. If you’ve waited too long to seal the openings, you will have to put this task off until the end of baby season. At this point you should seriously consider hiring a company that specializes in wildlife control & baby removal.

It is possible that some areas of your home are still vulnerable to a wildlife infestation even after you’ve taken the time to identify openings in your roof and seal them shut. Just repeat all of the suggested steps for keeping wildlife out of your home for the next few years until you’ve managed to find all of the entry points.

You can also hire a Scarborough wildlife removal service to come out and complete this task for you. Their level of expertise in animal proofing homes and businesses will provide you with exceptional results and save you time and a headache if your attempts to do the job doesn’t hold up.


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