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squirrel removal from attic - wildlife control toronto
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Squirrel Removal Attic. As the human population continues to grow and expand into previously forested areas, squirrels are more likely to move into residential areas in search of food as well as desirable locations to nest. Research studies have shown that squirrels can survive 3 to 6 times longer in the city than in the wild. As a result, squirrels moving into your home can set up house as long as you can!


Squirrels Love to Eat Nuts and Berries

While the diet of a squirrel primarily consists of nuts, berries, seeds, and insects, they are known to adapt their diets when necessary to include other types of foods, such as different fruits, bread, and peanut butter. A hungry squirrel is not a picky eater. Fruit and nut trees are quite attractive to squirrels as sources of food. Berry bushes also provide a steady supply of nourishment for squirrels. Even if you clean up after fallen fruits and nuts, these animals are good climber. They’ll easily scoot up a tree to gather dinner for the night!

squirrel removal from attic - wildlife control toronto
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What Can You Do to Prevent Squirrels from Moving into Your Attic?

If squirrels are abundant in your area, you can use the following strategies in an attempt to dissuade them from choosing your home.
. Avoid leaving food for the pets outside of your home.
2. Stop using bird feeders.
. Store trash in a sealed container.
4. Keep all compost securely contained.
. Trim any tree branches providing easy access to your roof and attic.
. Have a landscaper dig up berry bushes and cut down fruit or nut trees.
. Secure the area underneath porches.
. Close off any open vents.
. Repair weak spots in your home’s construction.

Even though squirrels can collect nuts on their own, they need a full pound or more per squirrel to survive the winter. Therefore, removing any nuts from your yard as quickly as possible should make your home less attractive as a winter nesting zone.

Call in Wildlife Removal Professionals and Solve the Problem Fast!

Once squirrels have moved into your home, you might appreciate the assistance of wildlife control professionals who are experienced in this task. They can remove the squirrels humanely, and provide guidance on how to prevent a re-occurrence of the invasion.

squirrel removal from attic - wildlife control toronto
squirrel removal from attic – wildlife control toronto

Squirrels can become aggressive when cornered, particularly if they feel threatened. In fact, squirrels can and will bite humans who get too close to them. Therefore, you should call in a professional wildlife removal company as soon as you notice an infestation of squirrels, particularly if you have small children in the home. Kids are often curious and have a tendency to investigate small animals in an attempt to say hello.

Although squirrels do not usually carry the rabies virus, their bites can be painful. Moreover, this type of bite can lead to an infection that requires medical treatment. The best course of action is to simply prevent such a bite by staying away from the squirrels until you can have them removed from your home.


Dealing with Squirrels That Have Moved into Your Home

Squirrels are just as comfortable living in the city as they are in the wild, and they live longer in urban areas as well. As a result, squirrels sometimes move into attics or beneath porches to spend the winter.

Squirrel Removal From Attic Toronto
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If you want to prevent squirrels from doing this, you should limit their access to food sources as well as closing up weak spots in your home’s construction. If squirrels do move into your home, a wildlife control specialist can help you get rid of them.

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