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ANIMAL TRACKS – Is it a Skunk, Squirrel, Opossum or Raccoon


Animal Tracks Make For Easy Identification – Now that we have snow on the ground here in Toronto wildlife will be desperate to find somewhere warm to spend the winter.

  • Mating season for urban wildlife is about one month away (February)  and baby raccoons & squirrels will be soon to follow.
  •  Don’t worry, you still time to evict nuisance wildlife like squirrels & raccoons from your attic, from under your house addition, from your chimney or a lesser concern, from under your shed or deck before babies come if you act fast.
  •  Lets face it, winter has its ups & downs and when it comes to wildlife control in the Toronto area snow & ice on a roof or knee deep around a house addition when we’re are trying to install our animal prevention screen is a big downer.
  • One small plus to having “the white stuff” sprinkled freshly about the roof top  is easy wildlife  identification.
  • Is it a raccoon or squirrel in the chimney? It can be a guess at times which means setting up both a squirrel & raccoon one-way door at the point of entry or risk locking an animal inside.
  • If you’re an experienced wildlife control operator and know what to look for and the elements are in your favour you can save a little time, skip the guess work and solve your valued customers nuisance raccoon or squirrel problem that much faster.
  • Wildlife identification is what we do on a daily basis, we are wildlife removal experts and have solving animal problems for homeowners in the GTA for years and will continue to do so for many years to come.
ANIMAL TRACKS - AAA Affordable Wildlife Control
WILDLIFE TRACKS – AAA Affordable Wildlife Control

Opossum Removal Toronto

Opossums are classified as pests as they are known to scavenger and live in attics and under porches, decks, and houses. They are relatively easy to catch; however, you should be forewarned that they are dangerous. Do not hesitate to contact us to get rid of these nuisance wildlife animals. Help! There’s a Possum on my Porch



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