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  • Wildlife Removal Toronto- Willife Control Toronto Reviews
    Wildlife Removal Toronto- Willife Control Toronto Reviews
    Wildlife Removal Toronto- Willife Control Toronto Reviews
  • Wildlife Control Reviews
    Wildlife Control Reviews
    Wildlife Control Reviews Toronto
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    Yelp - AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews
    Wildlife Control Toronto Reviews
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    AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews
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 26 reviews
Probelm Solved
Neighbourhood: East York

I was out of town when my neighbors called to let me know that a racoon had decided to choose our back yard as it's final resting place. AAA Affordable Wildlife Control took care of the problem quickly and affordably. The service was great!!

Thank You for the review about the dead raccoon removal, I was happy to help.

Always Good
Neighbourhood: Bathurst Manor

My house backs onto a hydro right of way. Animals think my attic is the local motel. Several years ago I had squirrels living there, and AAA Affordable solved that problem quickly and easily. Great service, reasonable cost, prompt solution. And, the animals never came back. Then, I had a new roof installed, and in the process the roofers put up a "raccoons welcome" sign. (Well, not really, but it seemed like it.) Once more I called AAA Affordable Wildlife Control, and once more they were there, getting the job done. Fast, friendly experts. I don't know why I would ever use anyone else.

Your review is greatly appreciated Jay! We're happy you feel you can look to us to solve your raccoon or squirrel problems. I'll be back for the one-way door and to seal the entry shortly. Thanks again for the great review!


Raccoons in Garage
Neighbourhood: Markham

I found AAA Affordable Wildlife Control from the Internet because of the name . My mother told me there were raccoons in her garage so I needed to get it looked after . Apparently the problem was there for awhile but I was not aware of it . I made arrangements for Blair to meet me there on a Monday morning . Blair was there before my appt . And he started his work right away . He explained what he was doing and why he was doing it . He went a step further and said if that didn't solve the problem there was plan B. Blair was a true professional . While he was there he also did some work to prevent skunks from settling under our front porch . Blair also asked me to follow up with him within a couple of days . I called him Weds evening to let him know we heard baby raccoons in the garage . He said he would go to the house and look at it in the morning . Blair's customer service is exceptional . I would highly reccomnend his services to my friends and family . I am 100% I chose AAA Affordable WC.

Thank you Carol for the very nice review. Everything went according to plan thanks to you monitoring for baby sounds and calling right away so I could go back right away to find them. Baby season for raccoons is a tricky time of year so I am always happy when the plan to get them out fast works. It was very nice of you to take charge and deal with the raccoon problem for your mother and I thank you again for picking us out of all the wildlife control companies you had to choose from. Take care and have a great long weekend.

Raccoon Nest in Attic
Neighbourhood: Scarborough

Great service and follow up. Highly recommend Blair and his colleagues to handle wildlife intrusions.

Thanks for the review JIm!

Sean and AAA Afordable Wildlife were AAA+
Neighbourhood: Annex

Great, friendly, EFFECTIVE, cost effectiveSean answered all my questions, put in a great, humane solution and followed up as promised in a timely mannerI'd absolutely recommend

Thanks for the review. We're happy you're now wildlife free.

Raccoons in the Attic
Neighbourhood: Yonge and Sheppard

I found a roof vent popped off and later that day heard crying and animal footsteps in the attic of my house...called Affordable Wildlife Control and got an appointment for the next day...Blair called me to ask if he could come earlier and he was there investigating the exterior situation just as I arrived... he did an awesome job...up in the attic to remove babies and mommy raccoon quickly, humanely and safely as well as looking for any other entry points...back outside to replace and secure the roof vent (as good as any roofer I have seen), and then a final inspection of the part is that there was no surprise at billing time, exactly what I was quoted on the phone no nonsense, no pressure to upgrade or get more services...Blair was a pleasure to deal with and a true professional...job could not have gone any better...Kudos!!

Thanks so much Ray for the review. Getting the raccoons out of your attic was my pleasure! I know there are a lot of wildlife control companies out there to choose from so thanks for going with us. We really appreciate each & every call.

AAA Affordable Wildlife Control
Neighbourhood: Etobicoke

Blair came to my house to solve a squirrel problem in my vents. He was professional, courteous, on time and he went over and above. I called at a very busy time for him and explained that my house was going to be listed for sale and I needed the problem solved quickly. He came two times and then the third time he came on his own to exchange my vents so they would look good for the sale of the house since they were all chewed up. I cannot say enough about the expert level of service. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Blair.

Oh you're so kind Deb! It really was my pleasure. Good luck with the house sale.

Great Service
Neighbourhood: upper village

Unlike many companies Blair showed up on time, with a reminder call that he would be at my home in 15 minutes. Courteous and efficient, Blair discovered the cause of our squirrel problem and solved it. The follow up visit was preceded by a phone call. I would not hesitate to use his services again! Great work!

Thanks a lot for the review Rami. I was happy to help with your squirrel problem. Have a good one.

by Barbara Mac Eachern on AAA Affordable Wildlife Control
Neighbourhood: Junction

A much appreciated thank you goes out to Sean who came to remove the raccoons from my attic. Professional and friendly he showed me how they were getting in the attic. He explained how they would be removed using a one way trap. I also wanted him to block any other possible entry spots. He returned a week later to remove the trap. Sean was great answering any questions or concerns that I had. I highly recommend Sean and AAA Affordable Wildlife Control. Thanks again Sean.

Hey Barbara, thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a review about the raccoon removal. Good choice on getting other problem areas screened for prevention. You have our number if you need any other wildlife control services. Thanks again!

Excellent service!
Neighbourhood: East York

I had squirrel in my attic and went with AAA Affordable based on the good reviews even though I didn't have a reference from someone I new. Sean was very friendly and provided an effective solution for the problem. He was thorough and professional. I definitely recommend this company for wildlife control.

I will let Sean know about the positive feedback. Your review is greatly appreciated, we were happy to help. Thank you!

Great service
Neighbourhood: Vaughan

I would say i was very happy with my service. I called for help and they were here that same day. i was very happy with the follow up. To make sure my issues were taken care of. I would definitely call them again if ever I needed help.

I appreciate the review of the service provided! Thank You

Good job
Neighbourhood: East York

Mother in law had a raccoon problem. Blair quoted a reasonable price and was quick to come down and work on the problem. A month later and raccoon never came back. It was a job well done. Would recommend!

Thank You for the review about the raccoon control job, I was happy to help.

Reliable and Professional
Neighbourhood: Danforth

Blair was both professional and friendly in his communications with me. He was able to show me photo evidence of where, on my roof, the raccoon was entering my attic, and he explained what action he would be taking. There was no attempt to "up-sell" me on unnecessary services, and he worked efficiently to complete the service, with a follow-up visit the next week. Even when he had to arrive slightly later than scheduled for the first visit, he was very apologetic and responsible about the situation. The whole thing was painless, for me.I have had no evidence of a return visit of my raccoon, and I'm quite pleased, overall, with the quality of service I received from Blair. I recommend you consider his services for your own wildlife control issues!

Hey Laura, I greatly appreciated the review about the raccoon removal. I double checked the roof to make sure there was no more shingle damage when I pulled the one-way door, there was none. The hole is now water proof & animal proof.
Thanks again for the call.

Great results.
Neighbourhood: Regal Heights

I had ba but if a squirrel problem and I call Blair first thing in the morning. He was at my place within 2 hour just as promised. Within half an hour Blair cleaned out the squirrel nest, confined that the squirrel had not gained entry into the house and then proceeded to squirrel proof the area. He was very responsive, tidy and reasonable. Blair, I hope I don't have to use you again but I am happy to give you a recommendation to anyone who asked.Thanks again!

Thank you for the review Peter! I will happily take care of any more squirrel problems you may have.

Raccoon in Attic
Neighbourhood: Markham

I called Blair by looking up the internet. He turns out to be excellent. He came the next day, put traps on all the vent openings on roof and put the traps, it has been 3 weeks, so far do good.

Thank you Ken for taking the time to share your experience. Your review about the raccoon removal I did is greatly appreciated. I'm sure you don't want to see me again but you have my number if you ever need wildlife control in the future.

Neighbourhood: North York

My mother recently had some unwanted house guests (squirrels). A short call followed by a next day visit from Sean who she said was very polite, friendly and courteous and her problem was solved. She would recommend him for sure.

by Frederick Malton on AAA Affordable Wildlife Control
Squirrel Removal From Attic
Neighbourhood: East York Toronto

Excellent service! Sean was very professional and arrived fast when I contacted him to remove the squirrels who had made a nest in my attic. I thought he was knowledgeable and friendly, very efficient and the price was affordable. Very friendly all around service. I highly recommend this wildlife company. Thanks!!

Thats great to hear Fred! We love hearing we did a great job. I'll be sure and let Sean know about the positive feedback. Have a great squirrel free new year.

by Hillholm Gardening on AAA Affordable Wildlife Control
Easy, professional and fast
Neighbourhood: Rosedale, Toronto

My experience with AAA Affordable Wildlife Control was a great one. They arrived on site on time and laid out 2 raccoon traps for us. The next morning we had the 2 raccoons which had been destroying the garden in the traps. The company removed them that day and we haven't had a problem in the garden since then. I would definitely recommend this company.

Thank you Karen for the review, glad to hear the raccoons stopped invading the garden.

superb service
Neighbourhood: Don Mills

Blair came to my house to deal with a skunk problem. ( he had to remove a skunk that had fallen into a basement window well ). A very smelly job. After the skunk removal, he promptly screened the window well, (as well as 2 other window wells), as well as screening off under the front deck. Absolutely superb service. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the review, glad I could help with your skunk problem.

Excellent service
Neighbourhood: Toronto

This is my first review of my life and i had to write this because of an excellemt service given to us by Blair. He came to our house over the weekend which general other wildlife control services do not provide or are not available. He was these the first saturday and was really friendly. We have a squirrel problem and he has set up a one way exit. 2 squirrels are our already and have no way to get in. Will absolutely recommend them

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  • Wildlife Removal Toronto- Willife Control Toronto Reviews
    Wildlife Removal Toronto- Willife Control Toronto Reviews
    Wildlife Removal Toronto- Willife Control Toronto Reviews
  • Wildlife Control Reviews
    Wildlife Control Reviews
    Wildlife Control Reviews Toronto
  • Yelp - AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews
    Yelp - AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews
    Wildlife Control Toronto Reviews
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    Google Reviews for AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Toronto
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    Facebook - AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews
    AAA Affordable Wildlife Control Reviews
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    Wildlife Control Reviews
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