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Affordable Wildlife Control – Squirrel Removal Brampton

Squirrels have adapted well to life with humans. Although they tend to avoid direct interaction with people, squirrels are not afraid to live alongside them. Plus, squirrels can live as long as twenty years, and they reproduce at amazing rates, adding to their population with two to five babies to a litter. Once squirrels are ready to raise a family, they often invade the family dwelling or outbuildings in search of a warm, cozy spot. If this type of situation happens to you, contact Affordable Wildlife Control for swift and painless Squirrel Removal Brampton.

An Inside Look at a Squirrel Home Invasion

Squirrel Removal Brampton - AAA Affordable Wildlife Control
Squirrel Removal Brampton – AAA Affordable Wildlife Control

Nuisance squirrels often invade residential homes and commercial businesses with the intent to live there. After all, your uninhabited attic or chimney looks inviting with its sheltered space and quiet environment. What better place could there be to raise a litter of baby squirrels? Once squirrels move in, they begin to store nuts, seeds, and berries close to their nesting area to get them through the cooler months of winter while also building nests inside for a litter of young. Unfortunately, squirrels are willing to adapt their eating habits to include fruit and bread, so you might discover them at your dinner table if you don’t watch out! Affordable Wildlife Control can remove a family of squirrels and make necessary repairs to help keep new pests from entering your home.

Dealing with a Squirrel Home Invasion


If you experience an invasion of squirrels, it is important to choose Affordable Wildlife Control to handle the situation. It is illegal in Brampton to kill these animals, so you need the skills of trained professionals to assist you in dealing with these pests. Never attempt squirrel removal on your own. Even if you are unsure as to what type of animal has entered your home or how it got in, you should contact wildlife control services to handle its removal. These professionals have the experience and equipment needed to capture, remove, and relocate these mammals humanely and safely.

Affordable Wildlife Control Can Protect You and Your Family

Although many people think squirrels are cute, furry animals, they might find out quickly just how dangerous these pests are once they move into the family home or business. To minimize your risk, you should arrange for affordable squirrel removal as soon as you notice the problem to avoid unnecessary dangers.

How Much Does Squirrel Removal in Brampton, Toronto & The GTA Cost?

Removing squirrels from homes and businesses requires special skills and equipment due to the innate dangers associated with accessing wildlife entry areas. The actual cost depends on several factors, including:
• Number of squirrel holes, & are baby squirrels are involved
• Location of the squirrels (in your yard or inside of a structure)
• Difficulty of gaining access to the nesting area
• Whether or not you choose to additional services, such as wildlife removal for raccoons or skunks, or squirrel proofing to prevent future invasions

Wildlife Removal Brampton - Affordable Wildlife Control
Wildlife Removal Brampton – Affordable Wildlife Control

Call for Reliable and Affordable Wildlife Control in Brampton

Squirrels are smart enough to enter your home through rave edges, vents, chimneys, fans, windows, and siding. They can take any small opening and turn it into one that is large enough for their bodies simply by using sharp claws and teeth to tear away wood, wire, and more. Once they move into a building, it is difficult to get them to leave unless they are ready to do so. Arranging for Affordable Wildlife Control gets the job done safely. Call us today if you have questions or would like us to come out for an inspection and quote.



Raccoons, Squirrels & other nuisance wildlife are creatures of habit, they chew, scratch, dig and do whatever else is necessary to find a warm nesting area to mate and raise young..

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