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Affordable Wasp Nest Removal – Call  416-560-4656 for fast wasp nest removal. Don’t wait for that fist-sized wasp nest to turn grow into a basketball-sized nest, you’ll save money for the removal and you’ll lower the risk of getting stung.


Treat that Sting – Know the Difference Between A Bee Sting and a Wasp Sting.


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AFFORDABLE WASP NEST REMOVAL COST – A Lower price than other pest control companies in your area. 

Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and bees are plentiful during the warmer months of the year. This particular type of pest is territorial in nature. If you approach their nest too closely or disturb it in any way, you could find yourself contending with a huge swarm of wasps circling around you.

For people who are allergic to a wasp or bee sting, an incident of this type can be deadly. For the rest of the population, it can simply be annoying to experience a sting or two. Nevertheless, it makes perfect sense to have a wasp nest removed from your yard by a professional wildlife control service that has the equipment and knowledge needed to do so safely and successfully. Many people won’t even realize that they are allergic to a wasp or bee sting until they begin to experience the symptoms associated with this type of issue (swelling and breathing difficulty).

4 Signs That Your Yard or Toronto Home Is In Need Of Affordable Wasp Nest Removal?

While it is natural to observe a few bees or wasps occasionally in your yard, you’ll want to determine whether or not you have an infestation or if the presence of any wasps is simply temporary. Carefully walk around your property to see if you can notice any of the following four signs that wasps are living in or near your home:

  • 1. A visible disturbance under the eaves that might be the beginnings of a wasp building a nest.
  • 2. A fully developed wasp nest beneath the eaves of your home or on the inner roof of a porch or patio.
  • 3. A buzzing sound that seems to be constant or loud.
  • 4. An abundance of wasps flying around your yard. (Try to see where they fly from or to if you can follow them from a distance.)

Wasps often build their nests in areas where human activity is infrequent. If you see wasps but cannot find any nests on the exterior of your home, you should check other areas of the yard, including the shed, compost bin, trash cans, and infrequently used lawn equipment or furniture.

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Do Wasps Hibernate?

As the winter approaches, the queen wasp mates with a male wasp and searches for a place to spend the winter. She is the only wasp that survives the summer colony. Typically, she chooses a spot such as a tree stump that has begun to rot. She burrows into the stump in order to survive the cold conditions of the winter.

When the winter ends, the queen exits the stump and begins to build a nest in a new location. The nest is built from a variety of materials, including organic materials such as small bits of wood and fiber. The nest contains as many as several thousands of cells, creating room for a large colony. Eventually, adult wasps emerge from the nest, taking over the duties of the queen with the exception of procreation.



Encouraging Wasps to Leave

If you would like to discourage wasps from building a nest in your yard, you should eliminate any odors arising from garbage, garden waste, and composting. Remove wood that is beginning to rot to discourage the queen wasp from wintering in your yard. If you discover a wasp nest, it is important to remove it as soon as possible, while the colony is at its smallest size.

Dealing with the removal of a wasp nest and its inhabitants can be dangerous for someone who hasn’t been properly trained to do so. You should always bring in a professional & affordable wildlife control service to handle this task for you. Our trained professionals have the equipment needed to avoid wasp stings and knows exactly what to do to remove the nest safely and permanently and for a cost that’s affordable.



4 Wasp Control Tips to Keep Your Home Wasp Free


Some pests are merely annoying, but others can be dangerous and even downright deadly. A swarm of ants may ruin your summertime picnic, but a swarm of wasps could land you in the doctor’s office or even the emergency room. If you are allergic to the stings, a single wasp could be deadly, and even if you are not sensitive the sting can be quite painful.

Getting stung more than once can be debilitating even for the non-allergic, and since wasps fly in swarms the odds of multiple stings are quite high. Once wasps have invaded your home and built their nests, your best (and safest) choice is to call our Affordable Wasp Nest Removal Service and rely on our professional expertise.

As with anything, your best defense against wasps is a good offense. That means taking steps to make your home an unattractive place for these winged menaces. Here are some smart steps you can take to keep your home wasp free all year long.


Keep It Covered – Affordable Wasp Nest Removal Tip #1

Wasps are attracted to food waste and leftovers, so always cover your trash cans and put your picnic staples away promptly. Whether you are hosting a backyard barbecue or enjoying a snack in the summer sunshine, always throw away or store your leftover food immediately. Leaving food on picnic tables or letting trash cans uncovered is a sure way to draw wasps, and once they have enjoyed the free meal they may decide to stay.

Human food is not the only thing that can attract wasps. If you feed the birds, store the bird seed in airtight containers, since wasps are often attracted to the seeds and nectar. Storing bird seed, nectar, and other sweets properly will go a long way for wasp protection.

Watch What You Wear – Wasp Nest Removal Tip # 2

Wasps are attracted to sweet foods, but these stinging insects are also fans of sweet scents. Pay careful attention to what you wear when spending time outdoors, and go easy on the scented lotions and heavy perfumes.

Wasps are more attracted to some scents than others, so pay close attention when you are outdoors. If you notice an increase in wasp activity when you wear a certain perfume, you may want to put that scent back on the shelf.

Check Your Property for Broken Fixtures – Affordable Wasp Nest Removal Tip # 3

What looks like a broken light fixture to you may look like a prime nest-building spot to a wasp. The same is true of broken siding panels, gaps in your soffits and crevices on the underside of your home.

If you want to keep wasps away, start with a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home. Look for gaps, cracks, and crevices that could serve as nesting areas and make the needed repairs right away. Check for broken fixtures that could serve the same purpose and repair or cover them.

Keep Wasps from Coming In – Wasp Nest Removal Tip # 4

Even if wasps never build a nest on your property, individual stinging insects will still be around. If you want to enjoy a sting-free summer, you need to keep those outdoor insects from coming in.

Check for gaps around the doors and windows and look for holes and tears in your screens. The time to fix those issues is now before the wasps wake up and come looking for free food.

Wasps are troublesome, and all too common, household pests, and they pack a powerful punch. Unlike other insects, wasps harbor a painful sting, and you do not want to find yourself on the wrong end of it. If you want to enjoy a sting-free and pain-free season, you need to take steps to keep your home, wasp free.

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